Occupational cancers

Some Occupations could be a risk factor of cancer. Here is the list of these occupations and the type of cancers they may lead.


Chemicals May Lead to Cancer

Source Examples of Occupations

Bladder Benzidine, beta-naphthylamine,

4-aminobiphenyl, arsenic

Rubber, leather, paving, roofing,

printing and textile industries; paint/

dyeing products; chimney sweeping;

machinists; hairdressers and barbers;

truck drivers

Kidney Cadmium, trichloroethylene, herbicides,

wood dust

Painting; metalworking; petroleum,

plastics, and textile industries

Larynx Asbestos, wood dust, paint fumes Metal working; petroleum, rubber,

plastics, and textile industries

Leukemia Formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene

oxide, pesticides

Rubber manufacturing; oil refining;


Liver Arsenic, vinyl chloride, aflatoxins Plastic manufacturing
Lung Radon, secondhand smoke, asbestos,

arsenic, cadmium, chromium compounds,

diesel exhaust, sulfur mustard

Rubber manufacturing, paving,

roofing, painting, chimney sweeping,

iron and steel foundry work, welding

Lymphoma Benzene, 1, 3-butadiene, ethylene

oxide, herbicides, insecticides

Rubber manufacturing, painting,

hairdresser or barber

Mesothelioma Asbestos Mining, railroad, automotive,

plumbing, painting and construction

industries; factory workers

Nasal cavity and sinus Mustard gas, nickel dust, chromium

dust, leather dust, wood dust, radium

Textile and baking industry, flour

milling, nickel refining, furniture and

cabinet builders, shoemaking

Skin Arsenic, coal tars, parafin, certain oils,


Chimney sweeping; outside jobs that

involve a lot of sun exposure