Dr.Borzoo Salek

Dear visitor and user;

Our group of websites have been designed to offer information in addition to be able to cover the visitors’ questions in a different way based on their needs, these websites have been designed realistically and practically on the basis of demands and with regard to infrastructures so they are facilitated to be informative for any beneficiaries around the world.
To have a better understanding of these websites it should be mentioned that there is a sever focus on defining its contained concepts, previous information, the future ideas, similar experiences, achievements, examples, basic requirements, prerequisites, global approaches & data, related organizations and references, finance, economy , human resource, resource management, machines, required tools, and etc. Meanwhile the technical, social, financial, economical, political and historical aspects of subjects also have been discussed, so that by proposing a subject or problem the user is able not only to propose his question but also get familiar with the subject and study it from various aspects.
One of benefits of using these websites is providing total solutions to questions of users in a standard framework by referring to responsible organizations, companies, or even through communicating palpably and practically with organizations and real or legal entities all over the world.
The other advantage is that the user might add his opinions, experiences and visions to these websites, the reason behind this idea is being updated by users’ information and providing sufficient resources for those feel lack and need of general and specific  data by defining the theory and operational solutions in the best way.
Dear user concerning that you are known to us as a member of big group of pioneers, beneficiaries, creators and sponsors of these websites, besides treasuring the presence of you scientists, researchers, teachers, students, experts, executors, and interested individuals, recording your contact details and suggestions enables us to stay in touch with you continuously and offer new find outs and improve existing knowledge, and finally share them with all the websites’ users so that by gathering various opinions and visions get better results in all aspects.
It is hoped that these websites could act efficiently in my presence or absence not only as a virtual resource but also as an actual reference for future generations and wise people who believe in basics and humanity to improve and upgrade the standard of human life and other creatures of universe.
In theses websites the basics, infrastructures and problems have been studied in different way, for instance some issues might look simple whereas due to lack of basic and necessary infrastructures they would turn to formidable obstacles or some issues have been ignored totally because of their expanse and difficulty and there is no data in this regard to be used by others. Therefore focusing on these problems and subjects and offering useful information and solutions could reduce the life and financial losses.
In total these websites aims to improve knowledge and emphasizes on the value of understanding, generosity and love which are motivations of having better life in peace and love in a way that our users feel it at present and in future.
Therefore if we accept that science has same feelings and soul like humans, we could understand that through unionizing theoretical and practical roots of different sciences by valuable people, an immortal wealth will be created which is the outcome of putting pure sources of knowledge and humanity together to make our lives better during the history.
In conclusion :
Human beings are member of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain
If you‘ve no sympathy for human pain
The name of human you cannot retain

Dr. Borzoo Salek

Administrator of CancerStandard

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